Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today was The Great Day of Organization. David put up shelves in our furnace room/closet and due to this wonderful deed, I was able to finally put away our Christmas decor and get other miscellaneous items put away. It feels great to no longer be storing my KitchenAid mixer on the floor next to the barstools! While he worked on the shelving, I rearranged pre-existing shelving. I had read in a magazine a couple weeks ago that grouping books by color can help a bookshelf to look more organized, which perhaps shouldn't have been an amazing revelation to me, but I really hadn't thought of it before. I was excited to give it a try though and today I did it! Here is the before photo:
The bookshelf in our living room,
in all of its disorganized glory!

So while David worked on his project, I worked on mine. I started with the obvious shelf; Calvin's Commentaries offered a "no-duh" place to start lining up all of our brown books! 

From there I hopped from shelf to shelf in no particular order. I did end up with two blue sections, but I did that on purpose; one of them is navy blues, baby blues, etc., while the other is really more of a teal shade, though it is difficult to make the distinction in the photo. 

3/23/11 Revision: The short story that once filled this space has been removed, because someone was overly concerned that someone else who is highly unlikely to ever read this blog, may in fact read it, or be told about it, and feel offended by something that happened in the ancient past. The person in question is not the type to be easily offended, and was not acting in an un-Christ-like fashion through the course of the story, and would therefore have no reason to be offended or otherwise upset, so I honestly don't understand the concern. Out of respect for others though, the story has been removed, though it's removal upsets me just because it was so unnecessary that it was a concern in the first place, and I am truly tired of the drama (however mild) that is so often associated with blogging in general.  

We don't use these books nearly as often as those in the office, so I felt free to disorganize them in order to organize them. Oh, it makes perfect sense in the female mind! But actually, my husband liked the end results of my labors, too. So without further adieu: 
Once again, our living room book-
shelf, this time in all of it's color-
coordinated glory!


  1. You're hilarious! I know many women organize by color but I always go by genre. I just did this with our bookshelf the other day actually. It worked beautifully.

  2. Thanks, Lara!

    Diana, I usually organize by genre too, but I just had to try this to see what we thought of it. I actually really like it. That's probably my OCD thing coming out again; I used to organize my clothes by color in the closet. ;)

  3. I love it! I really does look more organized. so interesting! What a great idea!

  4. It was fun to do, too. I'm honestly not sure we'll leave it that way forever, because I really do like to keep books organized by category, but we'll see!

  5. That's fun. I've always wanted to try this for the fun of it, but my husband infinitely prefers organizing by genre. Though his work organizing every couple years or so ends up being undone by me not paying attention.

  6. Maybe you could do it with the kids books when they get a bit older! That might be kind of fun for a kids room. :)