Monday, December 3, 2012

LifeVantage: "Bright Light in a Dark Economy"

The last time I wrote about LifeVantage was mostly about the supplement, Protandim. I was new to it, newly experiencing changes in my health that I desperately needed, and uber excited. Now here we are more than 6 months later. So much has happened since then! I am still uber excited, but for more than just the positive changes in my health! I am still experiencing all the things I discussed in my previous post, plus a few more. For example, I've had a small spot of psoriasis on the back of my scalp for as long as I can remember. I can recall as a small girl when it would flare up I would sometimes scratch it until it bled, just trying to get the itching to stop for a few minutes! Shortly after my last post on this subject, I realized that that spot hadn't itched in quite a while. Even when we visited my family in Texas and ate very poorly (you know, junk food and the holidays!) nothing! No itching at all! So another positive change in my health! Obviously, we are not allowed to make claims (aside from the fact that it reduces oxidative stress in 100% of people by 40% or more within 30 days! FDA approved statement, that!); I'm not saying it was definitely the Protandim that has done all of these amazing things for me. But! It is the only thing I've been doing differently during this time period. So infer as you may.

The title of this post, by the way, is an indirect quote I heard from someone at a meeting the other night (she said she was quoting from "Wall Street"-something but I don't want to make assumptions since I didn't quite catch where she was saying it came from).

You know what else has been truly incredible about being involved in this company? The business! The people! When we got involved initially with this company it was for the product, and the product alone. We wanted to take the Protandim ourselves and use the TrueScience (skin cream containing the ingredients of Protandim plus a few others). We also really wanted to be able to offer this product to David's clients, so we chose to become involved with the company as a business on the off-chance that we might actually make some money at the same time that we help people by getting them started on the products. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences I  have ever been blessed enough to be a part of, and as Jackie Sheppard (Pro 8, research expert on metabolism/learning disabilities in adolescents) says, I would work for this company for free, I've seen such amazing things happen! It is absolutely true. The money is a very positive side benefit though and I am so incredibly thankful that God has brought this opportunity to us, and that He brought it now, when we needed it so badly. I am not exaggerating when I say we were getting into a desperate situation and needed something else. Something consistent and meaningful that we could count on. David's business is getting a slow start in this awful economy and we would not be making it financially right now if it were not for this company. I just can't even tell you how blessed we feel to be a part of it, here and now. We have seen so many people benefit from the products and the business. This company is literally changing peoples lives, and it is indescribable to get to be a part of that, to get to be God's instrument in bringing better physical and financial health to so many friends and family, and even total strangers. And because so many of our friends are involved too, it gives us even more opportunity to spend time with them, get to know them even better, and be blessings to one another helping each other learn and grow in the business. It's just plain old FUN to do.

I just... I feel like these words are so inadequate. How can I make you all understand how I truly feel about this experience? What a... rewarding and amazing thing God has brought to us, giving us the ability to help so many. People that we would have no chance to be helping otherwise! We have people signed up we don't even know at all, people in Canada, for Pete's sake! And this just keeps getting bigger and bigger, reaching more and more people, helping more and more people. A friend of ours in the business is a missionary and he says he is excited about this opportunity partially because it gives him the ability to help so many more than he'd be able to otherwise, even with all his years of mission work. And he's doing well enough in the company that he is able to fund many other missionaries, and will eventually be able to get back into the field himself, due to God's provision through LifeVantage.

So, so good. And so, so fun. :)