Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Good Nosh

My Etsy.com shop is officially open for business! I'm starting out quite small and only have one item up for sale at the moment, but plan on adding a few more very soon. Check it out! I can't wait until some of my ingredients arrive (like the lovely coconut flour by Azukar Organics!) and I can play around with a few other ideas, and get pictures of foods I already plan on making so I can actually list them! There's almost no point in listing on Etsy without pictures. I know I would never buy a homemade food of any sort without pictures. I've got to work on pricing for some of my other items I plan on listing soon, too. It is no quick thing, figuring out precisely how much it costs to make some of these recipes. I mean, how much does 1 teaspoon of baking powder cost me, or 1/2 teaspoon of homemade vanilla extract? I can figure it out, but it will take time.

So what kind of baked goods would you consider purchasing online? Talk to me, people. My shop is young, and my ears are open.


  1. Oh my. Now your etsy shop is so great! The brownie photo made my mouth water!! You're one talented lady!!
    I have to say that since I've been working on detoxing a little lately that some good "detox" type food would be fun...okay, maybe not fun but interesting? maybe too far out there? I'm a BIG fan of granola bars and granola cereal and nut mixes...mmmm. especially I read that pistachios are a new "super food." so a nut mix with sunflower seeds and pistachios? with low carb/sugar can you do dried fruit or ...oh what's that "healthier" chocolate? or just dark chocolate... oh my Meg, you got me started. i'm full, i'm full, i'm full....cheers to you! way to go!!


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