Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Docket

Today it was up "early" to prepare for an hour long drive with my sister-in-law, over to BibleChik's house for a lotion making party (why yes, in point of fact 8AM is early on a Saturday, especially when you were awakened in the middle of the night with mysterious stomach pains that you were pretty sure were going to kill you; my first thought was that I had somehow ingested an alien and he wanted out! Turned out it must have been nothing that exciting because after about 40 minutes lying on the couch wishing my husband were awake so I could moan and wail to somebody about how badly it hurt, the pains disappeared as quickly as they came on)! What better way to insure you're slatherin' on the good stuff than making it yourself? I've never made lotion before so this will be a fun new experience. I plan on bringing my camera to document the morning, but anything can happen when I'm running on little sleep, so I won't make any promises there.

Check this post again late this afternoon though and it will hopefully be updated with a fully illustrated fairytale about my adventure in the land of Homemade-Moisturizer-Or-At-Least-Some-Hand-Scrub-Or-Other-Good-Smelling-Stuff.

After I get home, I hope to have a closet to organize! Wahoo!

5:00PM EDIT: I forgot my camera. Probably because I jinxed myself by saying I might! I took a couple photos with my phone, but those are typically pretty poor quality and probably won't be worth sharing. So no fairytale, I'm afraid. You're probably better off though. I never could make up a good fairytale.

I am now greatly inspired to try making some more of my own beauty products. Must get some bees wax or other emulsifying wax of some sort.

9:30PM EDIT: So I made some coffee body/hand scrub after writing the above addition. Both David and I tried it in the shower and it is fantastic. My skin feels so soft now I can't stop touching it. I can't wait to get up in the morning and wash my face (gently; it's pretty course) with something so delightful smelling. The recipe I used is as follows:

Coffee Body Scrub
2 cups ground coffee (I hear you can also prepare this with used coffee grounds -- another great way to recycle!)
1/2 cup salt or sugar
2-3 tablespoons oil, to desired consistency

Those are really only approximate measurements, and I am a huge fan of "throw it together and hope it turns out" (and it usually does). I also added a few drops of vanilla essential oil to it to make it smell sweeter since I used salt instead of sugar.

I also threw together a little lip balm which I think turned out well considering I didn't really have the proper ingredients for it. The real test will be how well it holds up if it starts to get warm. I tinted it with some mineral make-up I have. I will try to add some photos of the lip balm process tomorrow.


  1. what a great afternoon! what did you put in your lip gloss?
    I LOVED the coffee body scrub. I'd love to hear if you end up using used coffee grounds...Maybe I'll try that.

  2. I am definitely going to try making the body scrub with used coffee grounds soon. I'll let you know how I like that in comparison.

    In the lip gloss I put 3 parts shea butter (why I didn't think to bring that yesterday I will never know!) and 1 part coconut oil. I melted those at a low heat on the stove and then added a couple drops of lavender and peppermint essential oils. A little almond oil, and some of my mineral make-up blush for coloring and viola! Homemade lipbalm. Shea butters melting point is supposed to be between 89-95 degrees, so it won't hold up well in a pocket or something. I'd really like to get some beeswax soon!

  3. And one thing I really enjoyed about making the lip balm is that it took less than a tablespoon of ingredients, so it's very affordable if you're just making a little pot of it for yourself or something!